Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

Dr. Milan Shah also specializes in laser tattoo removal.  Many people find themselves with a tattoo they wish they didn’t have or you may want to lighten a tattoo in preparation for an update.  Whatever the case may be Dr. Shah can make it easy to deal with problems with a tattoo.  When you visit our Medspa and laser center, you will find a solution that really works for a tattoo you need removed.

Because each tattoo is unique, the removal process will differ for each patient.  The fact is, some tattoos are much more difficult to remove than others.  When you discuss your tattoo with Dr. Shah, he will give you an idea of how many procedures it may take to remove your tattoo.  Depending on the colors, size, and type of tattoo you have,treatment times can vary..  –At Beautologie we carry only th very best in Tattoo laser technology, the Q-switched ND-yags with multiple filters for different colors.  This a speciailized laser used just for tattoo removal unlike other centers that may offer an all-in-one alser that frequently does not perform any one procedure all that well.

There are many reasons people seek out tattoo removal.  Common reasons include:

  • Regretting the tattoo many years later
  • A change in career
  • A change in relationship
  • Cleaning the slate to get new tattoos
  • Social pressure

During your consultation, you will be able to discuss your reasons for being interested in tattoo removal with Dr. Shah.  Like all procedures he performs, he will want to be sure you are ready to move forward with tattoo removal.  He will explain the process so you understand the decision fully before moving forward.

The Process of Tattoo Removal
Because the tattoo is placed on the skin in layers, it will need to be removed the same way.  Removal will vary based on the color, size, and design of the tattoo as well as the pigment of your skin.

Generally blues, blacks are easier to go after then yellow, brown tattoos but again the sophisticated lasers offered at Beautologie ensure that most all colors can be targeted.

Like colors, there are also certain tattoos that will be more difficult to remove or may require more treatments.  They include:

  • Newer tattoos
  • Deeply imbedded Professional tattoos (amateur tattoos are not usually as deep and are therefore easier to remove)
  • Tattoos on feet or ankles
  • Tattoos on darker skin tones
  • Light or flesh-colored tattoo

All of these can still be targeted and often enough they do well

The removal process involves lasers, which will target the area of the tattoo.  The energy from the laser will be directed at the ink and will break up ink particles.  To fully fragment the ink particles, Dr. Shah will perform one treatment every 6 weeks to ensure that enough time has lapsed to ensure the ink has lightenend as best as possible. Because of the accuracy of the lasers used in the procedure, the only area that will be targeted is the tattoo and the surrounding skin will not be damaged during the treatment.  This is a safe way to remove an unwanted tattoo—.

The Duration of Each Procedure
The treatment itself will usually take less than an hour, depending on the size of the area to be treated.  .  The procedure can be painful and may cause some discomfort following each treatment.  For most patients, and over the counter ointments and icing will help to provide relief from the discomfort, which will be minimal.  Depending on the area of your tattoo, Dr. Shah may also recommend a local anesthetic be used during the procedure.

It’s also important to realize that the cost of removal is often considerable more than the cost of the tattoo itself.  Like getting a tattoo, the cost of removal is also contingent on how large the tattoo is.

You will need to expect there to be at least a -6-week time frame between each procedure, in order to allow the area to heal.  Dr. Shah will be able to explain the timeline for your tattoo removal, which will be discussed during your consultation.

Other Information
One thing to be aware of when going in for tattoo removal is that it is, sometimes, difficult to remove all signs of the tattoo.. –  Beautologie only utilizes the very best in Laser technology in these and many other procedures, so you will be less likely to have residual scarring when you trust him with your tattoo removal.

If you want more information about tattoo removal or other procedures offered at Beautologie Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center, contact Dr. Milan Shah today.